Linux, Cloud and Distributed Systems Performance Researcher and Engineer

I love tinkering with Systems

These projects highlight my interests in systems. They span interests like multi-leader elections, distributed databases, inter process communication and reverse proxies. Though I mainly use Go and Python for my regular research work, I love tinkering around systems in Rust. My GitHub profile and blog have few others that may be of interest.

This is a system that runs multiple nodes and at any point of time there are two nodes that assume the role of leaders with other nodes watching the leaders for failure. It uses some of the etcd concurrency features.

This is a long term project aimed at building a distributed database that publishes its change log. It has been spewing some of the shorter ones like the multi-leader project. The overall idea, so far, for this project can be found in this article and this concept piece.

This project is the Rust version of the reverse proxy that I had written in Go for the BLOC paper. It implements a simple reverse proxy using the `actix-web` crate.

This is an project that implements an IPC mechanism between completely unrelated processes using shared memory (Linux).

Ratnadeep Bhattacharya

Distributed System Engineer and Researcher

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