Linux, Cloud and Distributed Systems Performance Researcher and Engineer





Ratnadeep Bhattacharya
Linux, Cloud and Distributed Systems Researcher and Engineer

Career Summary!

Ratnadeep Bhattacharya

Washington, DC

I automated infrastructure and built event-based monitoring pipelines long before the advent of Kuberenetes, Prometheus and IaC. While I assimilated them along with Envoy, WASM, eBPF and many others into my toolkit, during a career and a PhD spanning 17+ years, my focus has always been on the core principles of infrastructure management. As such my expertise goes beyond the ever-ephemeral tools, allowing me to comfortably handle challenges - like automating parts of Kubernetes services, optimizing inter-service communication, manipulating traffic to-and-fro services, getting deeper insights into them - that require extending COTS tools with specific knowledge of the environment.

My research, advised by Dr. Timothy Wood, focuses on novel algorithms to reduce end-to-end latency in distributed systems and has earned recognition in the form of the IEEE Karsten Schwan Best Paper Award.

Through my projects I have explored areas like inter-process communication, DPDK/XDP-based kernel network bypass, reverse proxy, distributed database and multi-leader election.

More information can be found on my GitHub and my personal page.


September 2018 - Present

Research Assistant in Computer Science @ George Washington University

June 2012 - July 2018

Senior Engineer @ IMTAC LLC

Summer 2022

Software Engineering Intern @ Google

Summer 2021

Distributed System Architecture Intern @ Bosch LLC

Summer 2019

Research Intern @ IBM


PhD (Computer Science, pursuing)

George Washington University, Washington D.C., USA

B.Tech (Electrical Engineering)

West Bengal University of Technology, Kolkata, India

High School

South Point High School, Kolkata, India

Technical Skills :)

Rust (fluent)

Go (fluent)

Python (fluent)

C (fluent)

During my work and research, I have gained extensive experience working with technologies like Kubernetes, Kafka, web assembly (WASM), and virtualization in general, building microservices based applications. I also have experience deploying and managing large scale Linux, Solaris and VMware based systems. I have beginner level C++ and Java skills.

Work Highlights

Autonomous Load Balancing

We published "BLOC: Balancing Load with Overload Control" at the ACSOS '22 conference. This work was aimed at automonous load balancing for the microservices architecture. We built a distributed load balancing system that continuously measured its environment and maintained an internal state based on that. This allowed the distributed load balancer to be acutely aware of the environment in which it is running. Such aware load balancers, according to our evaluations, perform significantly better than current state of the art by optimizing the entire response time distribution rather than only the mean or median response time.

Order Preserving System

In the modern environment, many applications are asynchronous in nature and yet need certain service level guarantees. For example, a smart vehicular network providing real time decision feedback is asynchronous in nature but still needs to provide feedback within a reasonable time frame. Current message buses are ill equipped to handle such requirements. My current work focuses on load balancing such systems without violating the inherent message ordering guarantees.

Ratnadeep Bhattacharya

Distributed System Engineer and Researcher

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